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Here is India’s most authentic Ayurveda Healing center, run by the traditionally well reputed Kalari ayurvedic doctors family which has a reputation of nearly 200 years and it is perhaps the only place where both the body and the mind are treated in the traditional Indian way, with the assistance of doctors and therapists who are specially qualified Ayurvedic professionals.

The Ayur- home is ideally located against the backdrop of the greenery of the trees and the pristine blue waters of the adjacent Arayi river.  The additional serenity and overall healing environment with the Ayurvedic herbs around the home by itself has the power to heal the mind

Niramaya           International


[ Detoxification ]
Health Rejuvenation
[Rasayana Chikithsa ]
Stress management
[ Care for stress related problems.]
Weight reduction
[ Slimming program ]
Spine & Joint Care
[ Back Pain & Joint Pain ]
Lifestyle Disease Management
Dosha Therapy
Skin Care & Herbal Beauty
Wellness vacation
YOGA, Meditation & kalrippayattu
YOGA Therapy
Ayur Yoga Treatment

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