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Panchakrma is the magic tecnique is ayureda which, help to eliminate the toxins in the bodycells, promote self healing ability and rejuvenates all system in the body.

Pure water for long gets wear and tear Then why not your body systems.

You clean your home, you give serviceses to your machines THEN why not your own body.

So panchakarma is the process which help to Eliminate toxins from body and mind Restore constitutional balance, improving health and wellness Strengthen your immune system Enhance your self-reliance, strength, energy, vitality and mental clarity. It cleanse the body’s deep tissues of toxins, open the subtle channels, bring life-enhancing energy there by increasing vitality, inner preace, confidence and well-being.


Elimination is the natural processes of the body. Human body is complex machine which preforms millions of functions. body cells are working through out a day to produce energy to sustail life. so a lots of waste are produced. these are the toxis or aama. as a result of various metabolic activity some toxins accumulatenin the body. These toxins block the energy flow and has a tendency to create disease. Weekens the immune mechanisms. Hence it is necessary to eliminate these waste/toxins/aama from the body.

Panchakarma is the eliminative processes which help you to attain pure healthy rejuvinative body.



This will help effectively control your condition by following reversal diets, relaxation techniques like yoga, meditation, therapeutic massage, naturopathic treatment and lifestyle changes.


With a skilful management of diet, therapeutic packs, yoga and herbal medicine, we help you maintain ideal sugar levels.


You can enjoy a fuller and more active lifestyle through yoga, nutrition, ayurvedic massage, homeopathy and acupuncture, which helps reduce both the physical and emotional pain.


Self management techniques can improve your lung capacity with proper counselling on yogic kriyas, breathing exercises, pranayama, diet, acupuncture, homeopathic and naturopathic treatments.


Be it smoking, drugs or alcohol, we support determined individuals with the aid of auriculotherapy, homeopathic infusions, relaxation techniques, counselling, herbal and naturopathic treatments.


Improvement in complexion and reduction in pigmentation, acne and dandruff are achieved by appropriate natural packs, herbal massage, hydrotherapy, dietary advice and homeopathic treatments. It relies on the curative qualities of herbal and ayurvedic ingredients, vegetables, fruits and salts to stimulate an individual's own healing system.



To Name a Few Conditions…(contact us for those conditions not listed)


Acidity Insomnia
Acne Irregular periods
Addictions Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Adenoids Irritable Hip Syndrome
AIDS Jaundice
Air sickness Keloids
Alcoholism Kidney stones
Allergies Laryngitis
Alopecia Leucoderma
Alzheimer’s Liver complaints
Anaemia Measles
Anxiety Menopausal problems
Arteriosclerosis Menstrual complaints
Arthritis Migraine
Asthma Multiple Sclerosis
Atrophy of muscles and nerves Mumps
Backaches Muscular dystrophy
Bedwetting Myelitis
Bleeding - nose,eyes,gums Nail biting
Blood pressure (high or low) Neck tensions
Body pains Nephritis
Boils Neurological conditions
Bronchitis Nutritional deficiencies
Cancer Obesity
Cardiac problems Osteoporosis
Carpel Tunnel Syndrome Ovarian cysts
Cervical Spondylosus
Chicken Pox Pains
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Panic attacks
Cirrhosis of the liver Parkinson’s Disease
Colds eripheral neuritis
Colitis Pharyngitis
Constipation Phobias
Coughs Piles
Cramps Pneumonia
Cysts Polyps
Deaddictions Postpartum conditions
Depression Post surgical care
Dermatitis Prolapsed uterus
Diabetes Prostate problems
Diarrhoea Psoriasis
Dysentery Pyrexia
Ear pain Reproductive problems
Eating disorders Respiratory conditions
Epilepsy Rheumatism
Eye problems Rheumatoid arthritis
Eczema Sciatica
Fever Sexual diseases
Fibromyalgia Skin diseases
Fibroid tumours Sleep disorders
Fistula Slip disc
Food poisoning Sore throat
Gallstones Stomach cramps
Gangrene Stress
Gas Strokes
Glandular diseases Thyroid problems
Goitre Tinnitis
Gout Tonsillitis
Hair fall Toxicity
Hay fever Tumours
Headaches Ulcerative Colitis
Heartburn Uraemia
Haemorrhoids Urinary infections
Herpes Uterine fibroids
Hives Uterine problems
Hypertension Vaginal irritation
Indigestion Varicose veins
Infertility Vertigo
Impotence Vomiting
Injury Warts
White discharge Weight problems


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